Tokyo Hot n0673-Minto Asakura

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Tokyo Hot n0673 Minto Asakura Sakura File Size: 3.100MB
Duration: 1:38:00
Format: WMV HD
Release date: 09-06-2011
Height: 157CM


Tokyo Hot n0672 -Miku Kohinata

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Tokyo Hot n0672 小日向みく 小日向みく東熱極中出し Miku Kohinata
"Insult The CM Girl"
小日向みく Miku Kohinata
身長: 160CM
98分 – ビットレート 4000KBPS以上 – ファイルサイズ 3.02 GB – 画面サイズ1280x720ピクセル
配信日: 09-02-2011
HD WMV 3.02G

Tokyo Hot n0671 – Yuko Kojima – Incontinence Woman

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Tokyo Hot n0671 小嶋優子 長身モデル系業界性玩具 Yuko Kojima
“Incontinence Woman”
小嶋優子 Yuko Kojima
身長: 170CM
98分 配信日: 08-30-2011


Tokyo Hot n0670- Aya Kisaki

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Tokyo Hot n0670 – Aya Kisaki
“Abnormal Masochist”
Aya Kisaki
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
Duration: 01:45:01
Size: 1050MB

Tokyo Hot n0669 Ria Yuka

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Tokyo Hot n0669 Ria Yuka  (Uncensored)
File Size: 2.73 GB
Duration: 1:20:
Dimension: 1280 x 720
Format: WAV HD
There aroma Ria Yuka Yu
Height: 162CM
Release date: 08-23-2011


Tokyo Hot n0668 (Ayu Kamisaka) Vaginal Cum Shot TV

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 image The new program that the TOKYO HOT television sent started. It shows audiences who cannot be satisfied with a weather forecast only with the looks of the sky to show you about looks of vaginal cum shot. A caster is AYU KAMISAKA of the new face. She is a also beginner about sex though it is an amateur who doesn’t understand the right and the left for the program. The naive pussy might be a thing that everybody can personally like. There is fellatio, continues vaginal cum shot and female ejaculation. The appearance confusedly insulted is broadcast all over the world and it is the state that is teased by audiences of the program participation. A brilliant debut as the vaginal cum shot caster was decorated. A long-time dream comes true and AYU who was left a program to as a caster is handed a manuscript just before a public performance. The content is only an erotic thing. The skirt and the panty are lowered by man’s caster and it is inserted suddenly by standing back posture though she read it aloud while hesitating during a public performance.

Tokyo Hot n0668 上坂あゆ 新人女子アナ生姦実況汁 Ayu Kamisaka
“Vaginal Cum Shot TV”
上坂あゆ Mika Minami
身長: 165CM


Tokyo Hot n0667 Mika Minami

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Tokyo Hot n0667

Mika Minami
"Nymph Meat Slave



Tokyo Hot n0666 Miku Airi HD

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“Fuck Fun Session”
Miku Airi
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
– あいりみく –
It is a grand slam in the many rookie of the year title! MIKU AIRI who features a plump body is a solo debut from the national idol group which became until a social! It gets the first place by the popularity vote of fans. The ticket of photo session soars abnormally on the net and it also becomes the thing that comes into question. However, the big incident breaks out because of the passed excessive popularity. Fans who heated up too much drive recklessly. The handshake association changes radically to the vaginal cum shot rally! It is mouthful cum shot, facial cum shot and 9 continues vaginal cum shot and it is in the state that the meeting place cannot get it under control! MIKU who is invaded the inside of the body by a large amount of semen is a drag down from top idol’s seat and became a meat fuck doll. The fans who gather from the whole country because of the photo session get excited abnormally. The heat of the hall is terrific.


Tokyo Hot n0665- Saki Minakata

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Tokyo Hot n0665 – Saki Minakata
“Cock Lover Housemaid”
Saki Minakata
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
Duration: 01:20:59
Size: 959MB

Tokyo Hot n0664 – Aina Yukawa

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okyo Hot n0664 – Aina Yukawa
“Lewdness Nymph”
Aina Yukawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored
Duration: 01:36:42

Tokyo Hot n0663 – Miku Kohinata

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Miku Kohinata
Height: 160CM
92 minutes
2.82 GB

Tokyo Hot n0662 – Kumiko Kanda

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Kumiko Kanda
Height: 163CM
Duration: 94 minutes
Bit rate: 4000KBPS
File size: 2.94 GB
Screen Size 1280×720 pixels
Release date: 07-29-2011

Tokyo Hot n0661 – Mizuho Tanabe

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It is a joint ownership pussy of everybody. It introduces the obedient pretty young girl MIZUHO TANABE boasting a good pussy of the clamping. It is a young lady-like and is graceful. It is the best prey to insult. She gradually becomes obedient and pleads vaginal cum shot with getting wet pussy when it is pierced with disgusting men’s smell cock though she dislikes first. Moreover, she follows what gentlemen who make fuck once say anything because it is a character carried out by the hand in overreliance. She is studying aiming at a superlative pussy urinal now. Well, please insert smell cock and train her. MIZUHO is flirting with the good looking boyfriend on the bed. The brassiere is removed and the beauty tits appear. The nipple has already been erected. When it is made taking off the panty, the pussy is also already wet. It looks cannot help wanting a cock. However, it is not possible to insert personally and it is made taking an obscene pose. She follows what the loved boyfriend says anything and expand the pussy by finger and shows even to the urethra entrance…

皆の共有マンコ。締め付け最高のキツマンが自慢の従順なロリ娘・田辺瑞穂を紹介します。お嬢様っぽくておしとやか。陵辱するには最高の獲物です。キ モい男性達の臭いチンポで貫かれると最初は嫌がりますが次第におとなしくなりマンコを濡らして中出しをおねだり。また甘え上手で尽くす性格なので一度生ハ メされた殿方の言う事には何でも従います。最上級のマンコ便器を目指して現在勉強中。キモ男性の皆様。臭いチンポをぶっ刺して調教してやって下さい。

“Pitiful Young Slut”
Mizuho Tanabe
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 田辺瑞穂 –


Tokyo Hot n0659 – Ameri Ichinose

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It is AMERI ICHOSE of model of perfect style. It is features like half that pulls whose eyes and long leg. It is a new face of the activity expectation most now including the magazine gravure and CM appearance. She boasts that she will become a world-famous actress in the future. She is the superb woman who living in another world with disgusting men. However, the height of pride did harm. Let the hopeless woman who thinks that only oneself is great keep quiet by the cock punishment. The continuous vaginal cum shot of a disgusting group explodes! AMERI is sank with a large amount of semen of 24 totals. AMERI fell in the lowest meat urinal that looked like garbage waste. AMERI is saucy and a selfish personality. The reputation of staff on the site is also bad. She rages that it takes time to CM taking a picture too much on this day and scolded the manager. The manager’s endurance also reaches critical limit for the selfishness that passes the limit. AMERI is personally suppressed and is caressed the bust…


“Superb Body Sink”
Ameri Ichinose
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

東京熱 n0659 一ノ瀬アメリ東熱極膣射 – ノ瀬アメリ
– 一ノ瀬アメリ –


Tokyo Hot n0660: Yuka Kurokawa-Goblin Slut[720P HD]

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It is YUKA KUROKAWA, a goblin-like cabaret club hostess who has the sexy atmosphere, and confuses a man. The beauty tits that seems to be sensitive seems to have the fingering effect. However, the handling of a man is in perfect and it is all one could do to clench a hand in how the rich regular customers. Therefore the TOKYO HOT that could not permit contradiction in the world stood up. It attack a shop by the army corps where are full of armed battle groups and abduct and confine YUKA. It insults her by severely injecting the smell semen into the pussy. It lets a conceited fool woman get back to original duties as vagina hole service to be able to never refuse a man. YUKA is made advances by the man of the regular customer. It is said that he sells off his land and brought money. However, hard guard of YUKA cannot be destroyed even if he goes club and spend money and he approach persistently… 艶かしい雰囲気を漂わせて男を惑わす小悪魔チックなキャバクラ嬢・黒川優花。敏感そうな美乳は弄くり甲斐がありそうです。しかし男のあしらい方が完 璧でどんなに金持ちの常連客でも手を握るのが精一杯。そこで世の中の矛盾を許しておけない東熱が立ち上がりました。武闘派ぞろいのチンポ軍団でお店を襲撃 して優花を拉致監禁。マンコに臭いザーメンを散々注入して陵辱。もう二度と男を拒否出来ない様に思い上がった馬鹿女を本来の業務・膣穴奉仕に立ち返らせて やりました。 “Goblin Slut” Yuka Kurokawa No condom Absolutely Uncensored 美乳新人拉致監禁天誅汁 – 黒川優花 – 撮りおろし新作生姦・中出し・完全無修正


Tokyo Hot n0657:Relentless Fuck- Reika Tanaka [avi]

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The TOKYO HOT special team that severely hurts obedient girl starts! The prey is a pure heart pretty girl REIKA TANAKA. The delicious and pretty pussy is the nonpareil which seems to be easily split when it is poked with a mega cock! It erects while feeling nervous when it reaches a limit. The insulting particularly escalates more because REIKA who is teased by strange men is frightened and cannot oppose. Vagina is full of messy semen! Subdued pant voice and tortured expression is also the highest. Please enjoy the appearance where the pretty pussy is beaten up and is transfigured to the urinal pussy. REIKA is suddenly abducted by strange men and loses consciousness for fear. It is tied up both hands in the back in a dark room when she notices…

おとなしい娘を散々いたぶる東熱特別チームが始動!餌食は純情なロリ娘・田中麗香です。美味なロリマンは極太チンポで貫かれると簡単に裂けそうと思 えるほどの極上品!いつ限界を迎えるかハラハラしながらも勃起してしまいます。得体の知れない男達に嬲り尽くされ麗香が怯えて抵抗出来ないのをいいことに 陵辱はさらにエスカレート。膣内は汚いザーメンでブクブク!押し殺した様な喘ぎ声と苦悶の表情も最高。ロリ美マンが痛め付けられ便所マンコに変貌していく 様子をお楽しみ下さい。

“Relentless Fuck”
Reika Tanaka
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 田中麗香 –


Tokyo Hot n0656 :Young Slut- Miku Airi [avi]

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It is the continuous vaginal cum shot hell of pregnancy certainly! The nymph MIKU AIRI who suits well schoolgirl style uniform is made dirty the whole body and writhe in agony. It is a plump body in a lovely face. The beauty dynamite tits of fair beautiful skin are like having given birth to become a prey. The reckless driving of the brutal person party escalates if MIKU hates. It is mouthful cum shot, vaginal cum shot. It is committed all kinds of the atrocity. It is inevitable to be excited at an expression of the pain to show whenever a small & lovely pussy is carried through on a dirty cock! MIKU is flirting with the boyfriend in the classroom after school. They made deep kiss without minding that they may be seen in somebody. It is made to take off a uniform and the nipple is caressed. And, it is made taking off the panty and it is the clitoris attack & finger fuck. A lovely pussy personally gets wet…


“Young Slut Meat Slave”
Miku Airi
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– あいりみく –


Tokyo Hot n0655 :Vaginal Cum Shot Hell- Yoko Arakawa [avi]

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A strong assistant showed up to the TOKYO HOT in which it made efforts to the acquisition of the new member. It is the slender beautiful YOKO ARAKAWA whom the beauty dynamite tits which seems to be soft features. In fact, she looks saucy on a preeminent style but is obedient though it is a foolish woman only of the cheat and bringing and is not assistance at all. It is the best woman for fucking and making it to the pussy slave. It is pushed down in the insulting hell of 20 vaginal cum shot & 12 facial cum shot and the spirit fails. The splendid transfigurations to a meat urinal woman who feels much and entreats vaginal cum shot when cock is inserted were accomplished. The TOKYO HOT common usage new member invitation campaign was carried out on a large scale. This sacrifice is YOKO of a black bikini appearance. YOKO is intensely fingered the body by the one of the devil army corps while being seen by men who are examining admission. And, it is made taking off the panty of the bikini and the clitoris is stimulated with the vibs toy in the open leg pose. Immediately after, the electric massage machine is strongly held and she faints in agony…

新規会員の獲得に力を入れる東熱に強力な助っ人があらわれました。柔らかそうな美巨乳が魅力的なスレンダー美人・荒川洋子です。実のところ助っ人で はなくて騙され無理矢理連れて来られただけの馬鹿な女ですがスタイル抜群の上に生意気そうに見えて従順。ハメ倒してマンコ奴隷にするには最適のイイ女で す。強制中出し20発に強制顔射&口内発射12発の陵辱地獄に突き落とされて精神が破綻。チンポを突き入れられると善がりまくり中出しを懇願する便器女へ と立派な変貌を遂げました。

“Vaginal Cum Shot Hell”
Yoko Arakawa
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 荒川洋子 –


Tokyo Hot n0654 – Hana Yoshida [avi]

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HANA YOSHIDA is slender and AV actress who is zooming popularly. Additionally, F cup beauty tits also glued men’s eyes. It is necessary to drive in the rules of the industry tightly before popularity rise up more and it becomes a saucy woman. Then, TOKYO HOT sets sail for educational instruction. It is fucked intensely with many cocks of men and the pussy that has less experience is made tattered personally. Actually, there is the scene complaining of pain of realistically. A top idol for the next term has become a meat urinal that breaks by the insult that exceeds the limit of the body. HANA who was called on business of the gravure taking a picture chats with the staff. It is not a simple thing to keep graduating from an idol to a real actress though it is HANA who wants to play only in actresses sometime soon. The education of the TOKYO HOT starts to make an adult woman reborn…

吉田花はスレンダーで人気急上昇中のAV女優。加えてFカップ美巨乳も男達の目を釘付け。さらに人気が出てクソ生意気な女になる前にきっちりと業界 の掟を叩き込んでやらなければなりません。そこで東熱が教育的指導に乗り出しました。大勢の男達のチンポでハメまくられ経験少ないオマンコは直にボロボ ロ。実際リアルに痛がっているシーンが・・・。次期トップアイドルは肉体の限界を超えた陵辱で壊れた便器になってしまいました。

“Semen Storm”
Hana Yoshida
No condom
Absolutely Uncensored

– 吉田花 –

Size: 1.16GB

Tokyo Hot n0653 – Lemon Mizutama [avi]

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Tokyo Hot n0653 水玉レモン 水玉レモン東熱完全肉便器 Lemon Mizutama
“Pitiful Lovely Pussy”
水玉レモン Lemon Mizutama
身長: 157CM
82分 – ビットレート 4000KBPS以上 – ファイルサイズ 2.57 GB – 画面サイズ1280x720ピクセル
配信日: 06-28-2011

Size: 988MB